Howdy, Space Cowboy!  Welcome to the game of Cowboy Bebop: The Last Roundup!

It is the year 2076, five years after the events of the Anime Series, Cowboy Bebop.  With the end of the Big Shot tv series, bounty hunting has went "underground" of sorts.  Don't get it wrong, there are plenty of bounty hunters out there, but since the numbers were high in bounty hunters, there was too much competition and little bounties left to pick.  Most bounty hunters appeared to have retired or found other means to make ends meet.  However, five years is quite a bit of cool down time for people to start causing problems and there appears to be a need for bounty hunters once again.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful bounty hunter?  We'll see!

See ya later, Space Cowboy!

Cowboy Bebop: The Last Roundup

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